Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Kitchen Gardening

100% Organic Natural Vermicompost fertilizer

Vermicompost fertilizer for Garden Plants, Kitchen Garden, Plant Containers, Fruit Plants, Flower Plants, Green House, Horticulture, Nursery, Plant Propagation and Agriculture Use. 

Vermicompost Fertilizer Prepared from Only Cow Dung and Help of Earth Worms.

Grow Vegetables at Home in Ahmedabad on your Terrace, Balcony or In a Backyards.

Products :
  • Vermicompost fertilizer
    Vermicompost Organic fertilizer in Ahmedabad

  • Neem Cake : 
    • Packing : 500 gm, 1 Kg
  • G5 Granules - Organic Manure : G5 Contains amino acids, Humic acids, Herbal extract, Root rot preventor, Sea weed extract.
    • Dosage: 50 gm G5 granules per plant for Flowering, Ornamental plant, fruit plants, Vegetable kitchen garden, etc.
    • For Lawns: Use 500 gm G5 granules per 1000 sq. feet.
    • Application: Apply near roots by ring method separately or along with other fertilizers & manures. Watering the plant after G5 granule usage.
    • Packing: 25 gm Sachets, 1 Kg, 2 Kg Jar, & 4 Kg bag. 
G5 Granules in Ahmedabad

G5 Foliar Bio-Organic Liquid Extract : 

G5 Foliar bio organic liquid extract contains Seaweed extract, Amino Acid, Humic Acid, Herbal Extract, Root Rot Preventor in it. 
    • Dosage : Mix 2 to 3 ml G5 Foliar per 1 Liter of Water Mix it well & Use. you can also given it in soil also. suitable for Vegetable kitchen garden, Fruit plants, Decorative & Flowering Plants. 

    • Packing 
      • 100 ml - 127/- 
      • 250 ml - 237/- 
      • 500 ml - 416/-
g5 foliar bio organic liquid extract
G5 Foliar Bio Organic Liquid Extract 100 ml

Rootstar :
humic acid for root development
Root star helps plants to grow more roots & makes healthy growth of your garden plants. it contains combination of humic acid along with vital amino acids and Vitamins. Rootstar helps plants to withstand frost effectively.

Usage : Drenching Mix 2-3ml Rootstar in 1 litre water and apply near roots for root development especially at initial growing stages of plants. 

Foliar Spray : Mix 2ml Rootstar in 1 Litre Water and spray during high growth & flowering stages of plants.

Seed Treatment : Mix 5 ml to 10 ml Rootstar per kg seeds in sufficient quantum of water, soak and then sow.

Packing : 100 ml

Garden Green :

organic garden fertilizer
Garden Green - Bio Organic Manure

Garden Green Press mud based Bio Organic manure for Indoor & Outdoor, Fruit, Flower & Vegetable Plants Use.

Dosage :
Flowering Plants, Rose etc. : 100 to 150 gm per plant once in 30 days.
Indoor & Outdoor Plants     : 150 to 200 gm per plant once in 30 days
Kitchen garden                    :  100 to 200 gm per plant once in 30 days
Bonsai & Ornamental Plants : 50 to 100 gm per plant once in 30 days
For Lawns :                            Use 50 Kg per acre once in 3 months.
For Horticulture Plants :            3 to 5 kg per Plant Once in 3 months
For Potting Mixture :                 Use soil + Garden Green in ration of 30:1 

Packing: 1 Kg.

Mustard Cake : Mustard Cake used as a organic manure in Fruit, Flower & Vegetable Kitchen Garden Plants use. Mustard Cake can be used directly in soil and also by making liquid and mix with water and use.

Packing: 1 kg : 70/-

Cow Dung Compost :
cow dung fertilizer in ahmedabad
Cow Dung

We offers Cow dung Compost in a Powder foam used in All Types of Garden Indoor & Outdoor plants, Bonsai plants, Terrace garden, Fruits, Flowers & Vegetable Kitchen Gardening Use. Cow dung manure is a good natural organic plant food for all types of plants.   

Packing & Price :

  • 1 kg : 20/-
  • 5 kg : 90/-
  • 25 kg : 250/-

IFFCO Nutri-Rich Vermicompost :
IFFCO Urban Gardens Seaweed fortified Vermicompost

Benefits :
Improves Soil Aeration.
IFFCO vermicompost in ahmedabad
IFFCO  Nutri-Rich Vermicompost
Enriches Soil With Microorganisms.
Increases Water Holding Capacity of the Soil.
Improves Soil Quality and Structure.
Helps Plant Achieve Good Luxurious Growth.

Application/ How to Use :

  • Make 1 inch Layer of Nutri - Rich over the soil in the pot and mix it well in the Soil.
  • 500 gm of Nutri Rich is Recommended for 3 kg of Soil.

Packing & Price :
  • 1 kg : 60/-
  • 2 kg : 90/-
  • 5 kg : 250/-
  • 25 kg : 950/-
IFFCO Urban Gardens Sea Secret ( Granules fortified with Seaweed Extract ) :

Seaweed Extract Functions As a Growth Enhancer & Improves Stress Tolerance. it contains proteins, Carbohydrates, Inorganic Salts & Other Inherent Nutrients, Vitamins, Plant growth Hormones Like Auxins, Cytokinins, And Gibberallins, Glycine-Betaine, Choline etc. 

Sea Secret is Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor garden plants, Fruits, Flowers & Vegetable Kitchen garden plants use.

Benefits : 
  • Enhances Nutrient Uptake Capacity of the Plant From the Soil.
  • Promotes Root Growth & Tillering In Plants.
  • Activates Growth & Tillering in Plants.
  • Activates Soil Microbial Population And Improves Soil Health.
  • Stimulates Growth & Development Process of Plants.
Directions For Use :
  • Add 25 to 30 Grams of Granules on the top layer of soil per pot and mix it well in the soil.
  • Water the Plant As per it's Requirement.
  • Repeat After Every 15 Days.
Packing : 500 gm

Price : 100/-

Avani Organic Compost Manure for Garden & Kitchen Garden Plants
AVANI ORGANIC MANURE : Avani Organic Manure is derived from composted vegetables & molasses. The Manure undergoes process of maturation, drying and crushing to suitable form of application. This fertilizer can be used for all crops and trees, kitchen garden, terrace garden, hanging basket, bonsai plants, indoor & outdoor garden plants, fruit, flower, and vegetable plants. 

Benefits :
  • Improves soil structure
  • Enhances aeration
  • Improves moisture retention capacity of soil
  • Enhances microbiological activity of soil
  • Slow release of micro & macro nutrients.
  • Improves absorption capacity of soil
  • Pathogen & weed free manure
  • Provides available form of nutrition to plants through bacteria
  • Reduces hardness and dryness of soil
  • Promotes multiplication of beneficial bacteria in soil
  • Improves soil health and enriches soil with organic matter.
Fertilizer Application :
  • Localized application at sowing and planting.
  • At Spring and fall, before sowing and planting.
  • At vegetative growth cycle of crops as an additional fertilization.
Fertilizer Dosage : 
  • During Soil Preparation : 8 to 10 bags / acre.
  • Ornamental plants & vegetable crops : 100 to 200 gm / plant.
  • Other Garden plants & lawns : 100 to 150 gm / m³
Packing : 
  • 1 kg : 30/-
  • 5 kg : 130/-
  • 25 kg : 300/-
  • 50 kg : Bulk Orders Only Minimum 30 Bags.