Neem Cake

Neem Cake Fertilizer / Insecticide

Neem Seeds Cake Powder

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Neem Cake Powder
We offers Neem Cake Powder for Kitchen Garden, Garden Plants, Agriculture and horticulture use in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to keep the Plants free from pest, insects and get good over all growth of the plants. Neem Seeds Cake Contains Organic NPK in it and it is beneficial for plants.

Packing :
  • 500 gms 
  • 1 kg 
  • 5 Kg 
  • 10 Kg  
Neem Cake Supplier India
Neem Cake
IFFCO Protect+ - Neem Based Plant Protection

We offers IFFCO Urban Gardens Protect Plus Neem Based Plant Protection 

IFFCO Urban Gardens Protect plus is a unique Product designed to Provide Protection to the Plants from Soil Borne pathogens, Nematodes & Fungus it is a tailor made product Which Contains Neem & Other Bio-Pesticides for Natural Crop Protection. This Product also acts as a Natural Soil Conditioner & Contains Organic Nutrients for the Plants. 
Benefits :

    Neem cake powder for vegetables
  • Natural Protection From Pests & Diseases.
  • Builds Plant Immunity
  • Helps in Systemic Release of Essential Nutrients.
  • Provides Resistance from Abiotic & Biotic Stress.
  • Safe for Earthworms, Bacteria & Other Beneficial Micro Organisms.
  • Ideal for Use in the Kitchen Garden & House Plants.
How to Apply:
  • For Potted Plants, Take 75 gms of Protect+ per 3 kg Soil.
  • Sprinkle & Mix With the Topsoil.
  • Use 25 to 40 gms of Protect+ After Every 10 to 12 Days.
Neem Cake, Seaweed, Beneficial Microbes & Additives.

Packing & Price :
5 kg : 200/-